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Solution provider

Te Booy supports and strengthens its customers’ position with smart, product-oriented and/or logistic solutions and improvements. The (assembled) metal or plastic products betray many years of experience and expertise in the field of technical innovation, supplemented with a good dose of common sense. Te Booy is a partner that will pro-actively think along with you – a partner you can rely on.

Quality and craftsmanship

At Te Booy, quality is not just about faultless products, correctly packed and delivered at the agreed time. Te Booy takes quality one step further. Our strategy of systematically making minor and major improvements constantly boosts the quality of our business and production processes. Another way in which we successfully raise effectiveness to a higher level is by involving our customers’ business in our plan of action and gearing our services to meet our customers’ requirements in every respect. Our continuous improvement philosophy covers all our procedures, from the design phase through to production, delivery and invoicing. Quality of course starts with an idea. A good idea that cannot be implemented in a smart, cost-saving and logistically sound project until it has been properly analysed and thoroughly worked out. Te Booy can do that, and indeed will do that …

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t goes without saying that expertise is as important to us as our continuous focus on quality. Indeed, our company owes its steady growth since its establishment in 1955 in part to our expertise. Here at Te Booy, we see our employees as the mainstays of our company. Expert, competent and committed people who are inventive in their work and are motivated by curiosity and a strong focus on innovation and improvement. People who know how to combine a proactive approach with team spirit. These qualities are still important now that our company has reached its present size, and all our employees are encouraged to develop them further. This way, and also by offering training courses and internships, Te Booy retains and recruits competent professionals.

Expertise thrives on good means of production. Our CNC machine tools may be termed reasonably unique by Dutch and European standards. Our team aims to maximise our capacity and our options through smart improvements and adjustments. This we do on the basis of knowledge and skills, experience, inventiveness and common sense. Te Booy’s expertise is at your service.

The driving force throughout Te Booy’s history of more than sixty years has always been our desire to continually optimise our production process. What started off in a small factory behind the family home is now being done in production halls with a total area of just under four thousand square metres. Back in 1955, the company’s founder Mr A. Th. te Booij (Antoon) started manufacturing series of simple products using only one lathe, of the Myford Engineering Company. The workforce rapidly increased, as did the number of machines and the range of customers and markets. The construction, in 1968, of the first production hall (with an area of two hundred and fifty square metres) at the present site marked a major advance in professionalism. In the 1980s and 90s, Te Booy evolved from a jobber into a professional partner in business. New processing methods and machines, and also quality assurance became integral parts of the company’s business process.

When Antoon died in 1988, his son Hans te Booij and his daughter-in-law Francina te Booij-Massop continued the family business. In 2010 the third generation joined the company. Roos and Toby te Booij are determined to continue the company philosophy, quality and expertise, and to be that same partner you can rely on in the future, too.

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In bedrijf stelling Nakamura NTY3-150 & UR5

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Demonstration Index G200.2 en Mitutoyo Chrysta 3D measuring machine


Te Booy produces, processes and/or assembles a wide variety of metal and plastic products for a diverse range of markets, companies and industries. The products vary from small and simple to highly complex and high-grade.

As a solution-focused producer we enjoy preparing ideas for production, implementing innovations and improving existing products or logistic processes. Such optimisations often lead to unexpected, original solutions in terms of design and the employed materials. Solutions that meet the highest quality requirements and offer our customers financial advantages.

e approach every question from all possible angles to avoid tunnel vision and the risk of typecasting materials, resources and methods. That’s why we like to work for professional customers and partners who are looking for structural results in the Netherlands or other countries.


Our advanced, modern machines and highly motivated team of professionals enable us to produce series of any size quickly, efficiently, flexibly and at the agreed time. Our range of products is extremely diverse. Metal, plastic or other materials, large or small, simple or complex, machined, assembled, tested? The options are almost unlimited, and we very rarely have to turn a customer away. Our team finds workable, effective solutions together with our customers and our suppliers. Te Booy will produce and deliver precisely what you want.


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